Election Card Checkout Ur name list 2022

Election Card Checkout Ur name list 2022

Election Card Checkout Ur name list 2022

The First Amendment was designed to allow many different opinions so the public could decipher the truth. The right to free speech is our most important right which guards every other right. Any politician who does not honor the First Amendment is an advocate of tyranny putting our freedoms in jeopardy. Our United States President Donald J Trump has publicly acknowledged his disdain for the media. Before you vote for United States President Donald J Trump you need to be aware of how aggressive he is. The list below shows how United States President Donald J Trump is abusing his powers with the Intelligence community to defeat First Amendment rights.

United States President Donald J Trump has allowed his Intelligence community to abridge the First Amendment rights of Dale B Adams with the following conduct; used computer hacking to disable our printer, to change the dates on our digital camera to make photographic evidence invalid, to alter or delete documents, alter or destroy evidence on our USB storage devices, disabled our CD/DVD Drive, censor our searches, restrain our computer mouse, turn our speakers off and alter our document settings or search index. Authorities use sneak-n-peek warrants to break electronic devices including our computers with exculpatory evidence, contaminate our food, drink and consumer products where we are self imprisoned in our home fearing to even go to Church. Officials come onto our property at night when we sleep making loud noises, use sharp objects to scratch our car and even mechanically sabotage our vehicles. Our U S mail even to the Court are tampered with especially important mail like W-2s, 1099s or documents related to public and private aid. Agents put germs, toxins or other dangerous substances outside our home that can be transferred into our home to then claim our U S mail is a public health danger. Officials whistle or make loud noises outside our home to annoy and alarm us yet local police will not enforce harassment statutes and send threatening emails to retaliate for our free speech. The Trump administration even directs healthcare staff to engage in malpractice to harm our loved ones, make false diagnoses and cause the untimely death of family members to financially oppress us so we can not afford ink, paper, envelopes and postage to expose this wrongdoing.

United States President Donald J Trump publicly stated on national television that he has a take no prisoners approach to win at any cost and the real life examples above are just some of the tactics he will authorize. If he uses these methods on one American Christian family, he will do it to others. Many people seem to worship Donald J Trump and will ignore this alarm or other ethical concerns by honorable members of the Church. But should we really vote for a person who has no ethical or legal limitations?

Dale B. Adams formed Majestic Publishers in 2000, and is the author and self publisher of the book, "Care Giving Made Easy - How to be an Awesome Caregiver" Currently engaged in litigation to defend First Amendment rights.

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