Panchayat bharti

Panchayat bharti


 Panchayat bharti

Gujarat Civil Service (General Terms of Service) Departmental Examination (General) Rules-2018 have been promulgated from the public name of General Administration Department dated 31/06/2018.  From the above notification, the rules of departmental examination for promotion from junior clerk to senior clerk and from senior clerk to head clerk in place of each department have been fixed and the syllabus of question paper-1 to 5 has been fixed.  According to the provisions of the Clerk's Public Name, a lower level course is prescribed for promotion from junior clerk to senior clerk and higher level course for promotion from senior clerk to head clerk.  And for lower level and higher level examinations a general syllabus of question paper-1 to 5 has been prescribed with different subject wise topics.  Considering the functioning of the offices of each department, the question paper-2 in low level and high level examinations has to be related to the Act and rules and its activities.  In which Kana Raja Siva of the departmental work of the concerned office comes.

Panchayat Vibhag Bharati

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The posts of Head Clerk, Class-III cadre are located in the subordinate offices of the heads of various departments under the State Government.  The recruitment rules for these posts have been published by the departments of the Secretariat as per the head of each department.  The head clerk cadre is the administrative cadre and the matter of publishing the common recruitment rules of this cadre was under consideration of the state government.  After careful consideration in this regard, the general recruitment rules of the head clerk cadre have been published from the announcement dated 17-09-2018 by canceling the recruitment rules for the post of head clerk which are currently in force in different accounts except the following accounts / offices.  Guidance instructions were published for the implementation of recruitment rules by resolution dated 01/06/2018.  In the recruitment rule of Head Clerk dated 19/06/2018, provision was made for promotion through promotion and special competitive examination.  By amending this provision, only promotion and direct recruitment provision has been introduced from the declaration dated 3/06/2018.  Pursuant to which the guidelines published from 01/02/2017 have to be changed.  Therefore, after careful consideration, at the end, by canceling the instructions dated 01/06/2018, the following guidelines are out.

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These Common Recruitment Rules come into effect from the date of publication on 18-09-2018.  Therefore, as per the provisions of these recruitment rules, each department / office will have to give promotion and direct appointment in place of Head Clerk from this date.  Regarding the provision of ratios: As per the provisions of the recruitment rules published in the proclamation dated 18-06-2017 taken in the above reading, the posts of the head clerk approved under the head of each department will be promoted and appointments will be made as per the provision of 1-1 ratio from direct recruitment.  Regarding promotion as per the provisions of the recruitment rules published in the proclamation dated 18-03-2017 taken in the above reading, all the qualifications regarding promotion are satisfactory.  The competent authority of the head of the department concerned

A commission which has not been appointed as a qualification, may give upper age limit for recruitment to such post or service or give exemption of 2 out of 2 on equal basis for the number of years he has been employed.  Debt of recruitment posts (s) where they have performed the service of the same standard and in a certain place will be efficient - where the age limit working in the place where it can be established will be relaxed.  The decision of the commission in this regard is to be promoted to the same standard place i.e. the next lower place or where the Herat seat has been given.  1) Accordingly.  In addition to the concessions available to the upper age group, the concessions available to the Scheduled Castes and the socially and educationally backward classes will be considered.  Regulations as per clause (2) of paragraph 20 of the Act, which do not require a mission to be asked for a place and age or educational qualifications have not been determined, such a job may be deemed appropriate by the Chief Officer of the Department to perform the marriage duties.  For a period of six months or until the recruitment rules for the post are finalized, whichever is earlier, it will be at the discretion of the Chief Officer.  Eligibility for placement includes direct qualification up to a certain period of time and when such service or Geo has been requested. Except as otherwise provided in the rules of actual work experience, from the date of obtaining the required date to the date of acceptance of resignation.  Counting in context

All direct recruitment appointments will have to be made on fixed contract basis for a period of five years.  An appendix to the five-year contractual appointment order is attached herewith as Appendix-II.  Terms and bids for appointment on fixed salary basis on contract are included in Form-1.  While on the basis of contract, the person who is appointed on fixed salary will have to get the guarantee from the concerned head clerk as per form-3. 

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