Shixako Mate Raja Matenaa Tamaam Niyamo

Shixako Mate Raja Matenaa Tamaam Niyamo

Shixako Mate Raja Matenaa Tamaam Niyamo:

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The evidence is in: employee experience drives business success. So it’s time to make happiness a business priority.

The recipe for staff happiness is – no surprises – a complex one. You can offer all the free lunches and perks you like, but if your customer service team isn’t feeling generally satisfied and fulfilled in their roles, it won’t matter how many bells and whistles the staff coffee machine has.

It turns out that happiness is good business strategy. With employee experience (EX) increasingly recognised as a key ingredient of CX, how your team feels in their job is not something you can afford to ignore. Afterall, unhappiness infects all those other key performance areas that customer service agents should be focused upon.

For example, unhappy reps might be less inclined to go the extra mile for a customer and give them the kind of experience that really cements brand loyalty. Doing the bare minimum might get the boxes ticked, but it doesn’t create the kind of CX you want your business to be known for.

Unhappy employees also have a way of creating a negative energy among other members of the team, derailing or undermining opportunities for successful brainstorming and collaboration.

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And that last thing you want is dissatisfied, stressed-out customer service agents presenting poor impressions to customers – right at the time when customers need to feel valued.

Employee happiness might seem like something too ephemeral and personal for an employer to address. But if you think of it more as building great EX, then it becomes something you can take positive action on.

Here are a few tactics you can use to optimise your work environment and improve EX so customer service agents will feel happier – and stay that way.

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