Any RoR Gujarat Old Land Record – Check Your Land Records

Any RoR Gujarat Old Land Record – Check Your Land Records


Any RoR Gujarat Old Land Record – Check Your Land Records

Any RoR Gujarat Old Land Record – Check Your Land Records : In simple words, land records consist of various documents pertaining to land ownership, including sale deed—a record of the property transaction between the seller and the buyer. Other important documents in land records include record of rights, survey documents, and property tax receipts, among others. 

How to Check Any RoR Gujarat Online
  • First of all open AnyRoR mobile Application
  • After click on “LAND RECORD (7/12)”
  • Than select Rural or Urban•
  • After choose your District, Taluka & Village
  • Enter your land Survey Number
  • Finally tap on “GET DETAILS” button
  • View or download your land records

Type of land records that can be checked through Any ROR Gujarat:
  • VF6 or Village Form 6 its entry is through registration, which is maintained by the Talati or the village accountants to integrate regular updates of the land record. If anyone wants to check changes and updates in the entry details, he/she can choose this option.

This application use for the Record of Any Ror Gujarat , Anyror, 7 12 record, Land record , sat bar, 7 12, 8A

  • Records of Rights
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